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Stands, displays

For years, one of our proper specialisations has been stands, displays and other structures used in product promotion, such as charging hoppers, human stands, cardboard gates and other large 3D objects in market halls (hypermarkets, pharmacies, chemists, petrol stations, discounts retailers and shops) and cinemas. We design and produce both modular stands (free-floating displays consisting of many shelves on which products are placed) and hook stands (displays on hooks used for the exposition of light products).

Our digital technology allows us to print any number of graphic patterns as part of the produced circulation at no extra cost. The use of plotters allows us to save time and money because we do not need traditional bibliopegic tools (punching die, plate, die).

These solutions allow us to optimise products and save the time needed to wait for tools. Our technology allows us to deliver a sample product which looks like a final product. Our clients do not need to order large numbers of stands for their inventories to achieve a satisfactory unit cost – they often order a specific, required quantity at a fixed, agreed price with direct delivery to designated addresses of retail outlets.

Similar to the rest of our orders, we offer comprehensive service – consulting, design, prototype, production, logistics and transport.