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Research and development

We constantly analyse our work, its efficiency and organisation, we try to implement adjustments to meet the growing expectations of our clients, create ideal conditions for our employees to work and develop in and provide them with the high level of comfort and safety at work and take care of their growth. We are consistently implementing the LEAN Managment system for managing production.

We create complex prototype forms before launching full production. Our professional graphic studio is equipped with 3D design software. We try to use only certified materials and conduct quality control at every stage of production.

We implement new, in many cases original, solutions:


  • AR application for virtual prototyping of products
  • possibility of labelling products in Braille in raised digital print (the project is co-financed by the EU funds)
  • consistent implementation of automation and robotisation of production

Our R&D department is constantly seeking new solutions and ways to utilise the latest technologies on many levels.