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act on a grand scale

Big Blue, nets, banners

The only limitation we have in the production of large-format graphics, used in various branches of advertising, marketing, promotion, culture and art, community-oriented actions and industry, is the imagination of our clients. Our modern machinery park, long-term experience and constant desire to improve allow us to offer solutions tailored to the needs and situations.

Machines with a width of 5 metres, robots for the pressure welding of banners and nets and our own sewing room allow us to produce large-format banners and nets with surfaces even greater than 1,000 m2. BIG BLUE also produces large flags for stadiums and graphics on the sails of ocean-going yachts. This category of our products and services also includes all kinds of banners, nets, backlights, blockouts, billboards, window and vehicle graphics, the abovementioned stadium flags, sails and other textile banners, scenography elements and large-format puzzles. We have various print technologies at our disposal. UV, solvent and sublimation print, which allow us to offer unconventional solutions used in scenography for theatre and philharmonic performances, arrangement of exhibitions and expositions in museums, etc.

We offer comprehensive solutions, starting with proposing a medium and technology for print, designing, printing and production, and ending with logistics and installation.