Our people are the source of our strength

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Our most precious asset is our team of highly qualified specialists, many of whom have worked with us since the company was founded and have made every effort to provide products and services of the highest quality. Since the company was founded, we have conducted an employment programme for people with disabilities. We are two-time winners of the ‘Safe Work Organiser’ competition, organised by the National Labour Inspectorate. Every day, almost 100 people working in shifts ensure the timely realisation of orders.

Our employees, associates, clients and partners are always at the centre of our attention. They are the ones who make the company what it is; the ones who build business relationships and create innovative solutions. Without their proficiency and commitment, we would not have achieved our current market position. Our staff takes part in training conducted by suppliers of equipment and materials and acquires certificates attesting to the obtained qualifications.

If you also want to live in a world where public well-being and individual growth matter, come work with us!

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