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stand out from the competition

Decorations, showcases

We know how important the first impression is, which is why we pay attention to every detail while making our decorations and showcases – we want them to be our business cards, drawing the attention of potential clients of markets, boutiques, service parlours and commercial areas.

Long-term experience in the production of these materials allows us to offer a wide range of products and solutions which work exceptionally well during seasonal campaigns, special offers and sales. We provide comprehensive service in this field, from creating a print design to digital printing, to professional tiling of finished materials.

This category of printouts includes all the materials and products placed in showcases. Such as posters, hangers, stickers, window graphics, paintings, message boards, lightboxes and frames with textile graphics. We also make whole counters, kitchen islands, scenography, booths and exhibition walls. We choose appropriate materials to ensure the best quality and durability of end products.